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Product Code
Data Sheet
Shore Rubber Hardness Durometers
Full Range
G-Clamp Vice
Co-Ax Indicator 55-500-100 1003
Fibre Glass Propelling Pencil
Bore Gauges Dial
Full Range
Dial Indicators Plunger
Full Range
Microscope Stereo
Microscope Stereo Deluxe
Microscope Long Reach
Electronic Micrometer
Morse Taper Sleeves
Full Range
Morse Extension Taper Sleeves
Full Range
Metal Etching Pen
Protractor Universal Precision
Dial Indicators Lever
Full Range
Vernier Calipers
Full Range
Electronic Depth Gauge with Hook
Electronic Indicators
Noga Chip Hooks
Full Range
Electronic Caliper
Electronic Calipers Large Range
Full Range
Electronic Double Column Height Gauge
Full Range
Parallels Matched Pair
Full Range
Reprorubber Putty
Full Range
Reprorubber Thin Pour
Full Range
Strauss Diamond Needle Files
NF Series
Tachometer Digital Touch
Tachometer Digital Photo/Touch
Optical Centre Punch
Mechanical Micrometer Heads
Full Range
Wiggler Set
Cam Lock Tap Wrench
Drill Chuck Arbors
Full Range
Noga Adjustable Centering Arms
NF 1015
360 Degree Edge Finders
EF Series
Pre Setting Gauges
PS Series
3D Sensor
3D Met
Vee Blocks
Microscope Measuring
Straight Edges
Full Range
Audio Edge Finder
Centres Revolving
Full Range
Audio Edge Finder PEC
Centres Dead
Full Range
Squares Combination Sets
Full Range
123 Blocks
Dovetail Cutters
Full range
Counterbores Autolock
Full Range
Edge Finder PEC
Self Lock Collet Chucks
Full Range
Tool Bits Square
Full Range
Vice Milling with Swivel Base
Vice Precision Milling
Vice 2 Way Tilt and Swivel
Edge and Centre Finders
Universal Angle Block Set
Tap Wrenches T Bar Type
4300 Series
Dies Metric Coarse
Dies Metric Fine
Dies BSW
Vee Block Magnetic
Magnetic Adjustable Links
Dies BSF
Vice Shaft
Vice Precison
Full Range
Vice Toolmakers
Dies UNC
Dies UNF
Caliper Anvil Kit
Pocket Thickness Gauge Electronic
Angle Gauge Adjustable
Full Range
Magnifier Illuminated
Magnetic Distributor Base
Die Nuts
Height Gauge vernbier
Full Range
Multi Step and Sheet Metal Drills
Full range
Full Range
Centre Drills
Full Range
Noga Countersink Power Tool Set
PEC Depth Gauge Protractors
Full Range
Magnetic Illuminated Pick-Up Tool
Bamboo Tweezers
Anti Static Tweezer Set with Interchangeable Tips
Microscope Stereo Zoom
Sine Bars
Vice G Clamp
Microscopes Pocket 20 & 40 Mag
Gear Tooth Caliper Mechanical
Electronic Caliper Gear Tooth
Magnifier 4 Lens Pocket
Magnifier Illuminated
Electronic Caliper Disc Brake
Electronic Caliper Brake Drum
Carbon Fibre Dial Caliper
Tyre Tread Depth Gauge
Heavy Duty Tap Wrenches
Full Range
Artu Profi-Line Tungsten Carbide Drills
Full Range
Multi Function Electronic Indicator
Electronic Level
Punches Letter and Number
Full Range
Diamond Tipped Scriber
SC 5
Microscope Measuirng
Drill Arbor Press
Drill Vice
Deburring: Scraper Blades Full Range 1124
Taps Metric Coarse
Full Range
Taps Metric Fine
Full Range
Taps UNC
Full Range
Taps UNF
Full Range
Taps BSW
Full Range
Taps BSF
Full Range
Taps NPT
Full Range
Carbide Tipped Tools ISO 1
Full Range
Carbide Tipped Tools ISO 2
Full Range
Carbide Tipped Tools ISO 3
Full Range
Carbide Tipped Tools ISO 4
Full Range
Carbide Tipped Tools ISO 5
Full Range
Carbide Tipped Tools ISO 6
Full Range
Carbide Tipped Tools ISO 7
Full Range
Carbide Tipped Tools ISO 8
Full Range
Carbide Tipped Tools ISO 9
Full Range
Carbide Tipped Tools ISO 11
Full Range
Carbide Tipped Tools ISO 12
Full Range
Carbide Tipped Tools ISO 13
Full Range
Electronic Micrometer
Electronic Micrometer Point
Electronic Micrometer Disc
Full Range
Electronic Micrometer Spline
Full Range
Electronic Micrometer Blade
Full Range
Electronic Micrometer Universal Multi-Anvil
Full Range
Electronic Micrometer Thread
Full Range
Electronic Micrometer Inside
Full Range
Electronic Micrometer Depth
Full Range
Mechanical Micrometer Standard
Full Range
Mechanical Micrometer Ratchet Barrel
Full Range
Mechanical Micrometer Inter Anvil Steel Plate Frame
Full Range
Mechanical Micrometer Inter Anvil Tubular Frame
Full Range
Mechanical Micrometer Disc Brake
Full Range
Mechanical Micrometer Disc
Full Range
Mechanical Micrometer Spline
Full Range
Mechanical Micrometer Point
Full Range
Mechanical Micrometer Blade
Full Range
Mechanical Micrometer Pin Anvil Type A
Full Range
Mechanical Micrometer Spherical Anvil Type C
Full Range
Mechanical Micrometer Multi Anvil
Full Range
Mechanical Micrometer Ball Anvil
Full Range
Mechanical Micrometer V Anvil
Full Range
Mechanical Micrometer Universal Multi-Anvil
Full Range
Mechanical Micrometer Thread
Full Range
Mechanical Micrometer Deep Throat
Full Range
Mechanical Micrometer Depth
Full Range
Mechanical Micrometer Tubular Rod Inside
Full Range
Mechanical Micrometer Extension Rod Inside
Full Range
Mechanical Micrometer Inside
Full Range
Mechanical Micrometer Inside Large Range
Full Range
Mechanical Micrometer 3 Point Inernal
Full Range
Screw Extractor Set
Screw Extractor Set + Drills
Reamers Adjustable
Full Range
Tungsten Carbide Grit Hole Saws
Full Range
Centres Interchangeable Multi Purpose
Full Range
Linloc Kits 1/4"
Full Range
Electronic Micrometer
Electronic Micrometer
Electronic Micrometer
Electronic Micrometer Interchangeable Anvil
Mechanical Micrometer Digit
Full Range
Mechanical Micrometer Digit Fine Reading
Full Range
Electronic Caliper ROHS
Electronic Caliper Waterproof
Height Gauge Electronic Single Column
Screw Plug gauges Metric Coarse and Fine
Full Range
Screw Plug Gauges UNC and UNF
Full Range
Screw Ring Gauges Metric Coarse
Full Range
Screw Ring Gauges Metric Fine
Full Range
Screw Ring Gauges UNC
Full Range
Screw Ring Gauges UNF
Full Range
Gauge Blocks Steel
Full Range
Full Range
Magnfier Illuminated
Magnfier Graticule Type
Microscope Pocket Illuminated
Vacuum Pick-Up Set
Squares Engineers
Wire Gauge
Drill Gauge
Tool Bits Round
Full Range
Fractional Caliper
Pointed Jaw Caliper
Tube Caliper
Caliper ABS
Electronic Depth Gauge without Hook
Calipers Dial
Full Range
Indicator Digital Rotating Face
Gauge Blocks Ceramic
Gauge Blocks Micrometer Checking
Pin Gauge Sets
Full Range
Levels Precision
Full Range
Vee Blocks
Mirror and Magnet Illuminated Pick-Up Set
Shim Steel
Full Range
Shim Stainless Steel
Full Range
Shim Brass
Full Range
Shim Blue Tempered
Full Range
Shim Aluminium
Full Range
Shim Copper
Full Range
Shim Plastic
Full Range
Shim Slotted
Full Range
Shim Sof Shoe
Full Range
Music Wire
Full Range
Key Steel
Full Range
Feeler Gauge Stock
Full Range
Feeler Gauge Assortments
Full Range
Feeler Gauge Stainless Steel Assortments
Full Range
Feeler Gauge Brass Assortments
Full Range
Feeler Guage Plastic Assortments
Full Range
Punch Sets Shim Precision Brand
Full Range
Rules: Metric/Inch Round End Satin Chrome
Full Range
Rules: Metric/Inch Round End Black Chrome
Full Range
Rules: Metric/Inch Round End TiN Coated
Full Range
Rules: Metric Round End Satin Chrome
Full Range
Rules: Metric/Inch Round End Satin Chrome (1 Side)
Full Range
Rules: Metric/Inch Square End Satin Chrome
Full Range
Rules: Metric Square End Satin Chrome
Full Range
Rules: Inch Square End Satin Chrome
Full Range
Rules: Magnetic
Full Range
Rules: Round End with Pocket Clip
Full Range
Protractor Universal Bevel
Protractors Dial Bevel
Electronic Plastic Caliper
Vee Blocks
Hole Gauges Telescopic
Full Range
Hole Gauges Small
Full Range
Spring Calipers External
Full Range
Spring Calipers Internal
Full Range
Spring Dividers
Full Range
Calipers Hermaphrodite
Full Range
Centre Finder Round Bar
Square Carpenters
Mirror and Magnet Illuminated Pick-Up Set
EZE-LAP Files Full Range 1298
Drills Jobber HSS
Full Range
Drills Jobber Cobalt
Full Range
Drills Taper Shank
Full Range
Drills Jobber TiN Coated
Full Range
Drills Quick Spiral
Full Range
Drills Blacksmiths
Full Range
Drills Long Series HSS
Full Range
Drills Extra Long Series HSS
Full Range
Drills Long Series Split Point Cobalt
Full Range
Drills Spotting
Full Range
Drills Stub HSS
Full Range
Drill Stub Split Point Cobalt
Full Range
Taps Spiral Point
Full Range
Taps Spiral Flute
Full Range
Surface Roughness Comparators 52-016-008 1314
Adjustable Parallels
Full Range
Poly Carbonate Caliper
Angle Block Set
Head Band Magnifier
metric Electronic Edge Finder
Eye Glasses
3D Sighter
Full Range
Eye Loupe with LED Illumination
Noga Mini Cool
Full Range
Noga Cobra
Full Range
YTF File Set YTF 1332
Illuminated Magnifier 4x Mag 59-620-002 1333
Illuminated Magnifier 14x Magnification 59-685-050 1334
Illuminated Zoom Microscope 60-100x Magnfication 59-625-600 1335
Illuminated Folding Table Magnifier 59-680-100 1336
Cross Check Level 51-700-050 1337
Mag Base and Dial Gauge Kit
Mag Base and Dial Gauge Kit
Noga Holding MB-1 & 2
Noga Holding NF Holders & Bases
Full Range
Noga Holding PH Holders FAT
Full Range
Noga Holding PH Holders FAB
Full Range
Noga Holding Articulated Holders FAT
Full Range
Noga Holding Articulated Holders FAB
Full Range
Noga Holding Articulated Arms
Full Range
Noga Holding Accessories
Full Range
Noga Holding Camera Arms NF Series
Full Range
Noga Holding Camera Arms DG Series
Full Range
Noga Holding Camera Arms MG Series
Full Range
Imperial Electronic Edge Finder
Noga Bronze Kit NG 9200 1353
Noga Silver Kit NG 9300 1354
Noga Gold Box NG 9400 1355
Noga Platinum Box NG 9500 1356
Noga Tele Burr Set NG 9100 1357
Noga Micro Burr Set FT 3002 1358
Minor Mag DTI Sets Full Range 1359
Depth Gauges/Combination Angle Gauges PEC Full Range 1360
Drill Blank Sets Full Range 1361
Thread Wire Holders 52-016-707 1362
Mechanical Vernier Measuring Set 50-600-025 1363
Mechanical White Face Dial Caliper Measuring Set 50-610-025 1364
Mechanical Black Face Dial Caliper Measuring Set 50-610-025BFM 1365
Digital Caliper and Mechanical Micrometer Set 50-100-900 1366
Electronic Digital Measuring Set 50-700-150 1367
Electronic Digital Measuring Set 50-715-150 1368
Electronic Digital Measuring Set 50-730-150 1369
3 Piece Electronic Measuring Set MB-EDI-151 1370
Noga Plastic Edge Off Set EO 2001 1371
Noga Trouble Shooter Set SP 1010 1372
Noga Maintenance Kit SP 1007 1373
Noga Trio Set RB 3000 1374
Tap Set M3-M12 21-500-SET 1376
HSS Tap & Die Set M3-M12 21-599-SET 1377
HSS Tap & Die Set M3-M12 + 1/8NPT: ISO-529 / 965 21-595-040 1378
HSS Drill, Tap & Die Set M3-M12 21-592-044 1379
Tap & Tapping Drill Set 21-550-SET 1380
End Mills & Slot Drills Full Range 1381
Hole Burrs Full Range 1382
Digital Shore A Durometer 59-522-666 1383
Noga The Set SP 7700 1384
Illuminated Bench Magnifiers Square & Round Head Full Range 1385
NG 3210 Slot Cleaner NG 3210 1386
NG 3230 Corner Cleaner NG 3230 1387
NG 1600 Thread Cleaner NG 1600 1388
SP 8100 Plastic Reamer SP 8100 1389
NG 3800 Leader NG 3800 1390
NG 3220 Mini Cut NG 3220 1391
Bulls Eye Level Metal 51-700-025 1392
Bulls Eye Level Plastic 51-700-030 1393
Round and Square End Protractors 5170 1394
Allen Key Sets AK-7 1395
Radius Gauges Sets 52-472-900 1396
Surface Gauges 5033-007 1397
MB-UNI-KIT Mag Base-Dial Indicator Kit MB-UNI-KIT 1398
Noga Edge Off EO 1000 1399
Noga Plastic Edge Off EO 2000 1400
Noga Rapid Burr RB 1000 1401
Noga Plastic Rapid Burr RB 1200 1402
Noga Burr 3 NG 1003 1403
Noga Super Burr NG 3003 1404
Noga Deburring Blades S Type Full Range 1405
Noga Magic Burr 2 NG 2002 1406
Noga Magic Burr 4 NG 2004 1407
Noga Tele Burr NG 3002 1408
Noga Fine Burr TB 1000 1409
Noga Deburring Blades N Type Full Range 1410
Noga Reversible Countersinks RC 1000 1411
Noga Countersink NG 3100 1412
Noga Heavy Duty External Rotodrive NG 3500 1413
Noga Heavy Duty Rotodrive NG 3400 1414
Noga External Rotodrive NG 1700 1415
Noga Rotodrive NG 1200 1416
Noga Deburring Blades Rotodrive Full Range 1417
Noga Mini Scraper NG 3700 1418
Noga Internal Scraper NG 3710 1419
Noga Adjustable Scraper SC 8000 1420
Noga Scraper SC 1000 1421
Noga Adjustable Mini Scraper YT 1100 1422
Noga Adjustable Scraper YT 1200 1423
Noga Scraper Blades Full Range 1424
Noga Handles Full Range 1425
Noga O Ring Burr NG 1100 1426
Noga V Cut NG 3200 1427
Noga Keyway Burr NG 3300 1428
Noga Double Burr DB 1000 1429
Noga Deburring Blades Double Edge and Speciality Full Range 1430
Noga Convexed Cera Cut CR 2000 1431
Noga Concaved Cera Cut CR 2300 1432
Noga Cera Cut CR 1100 1433
Noga Ceramic Double Burr DB 5000 1434
Noga Soft Cut NC 5100 1435
Noga Hard Cut NC 5200 1436
Noga Deburring Blades Ceramic Full Range 1437
Noga Blade Holders Full Range 1438
Noga Noga Blade Set BS 9999 1439
Noga Adjustable Mini Scraper SC 7500 1440
Die Holders 21-675-001 1441
RFSET-1 RFSET-1 1442
Eye Loupe X10 Magnification 59-605-005 1443
Hand Thread Restorers 30-500 1444
Hand Countersinks 30-600-120 1445
Hand Pipe Reamer 30-800-340 1446
Hand Taper Reamers 30-700 1447
Stainless Steel 316 Shim 77-422 1448
Linloc Shield Kit CS-100-133 1450
Diamond Drill Bits DIA-00030 1451
Artu Precision Drills PD-02490 1452
Drill-N-Taps Full Range 1453
Drill-N-Tap Set with Hex Shank Ball Lock Adaptor: M3-M10 20-369-SET 1454
Digital Thickness Gauge: Carbon Fibre 49-850-012 1455
Drills Jobber HSS M35 20-270-010 1457
Parallel Sets 52-437-030 1458
TK-1000 Knife Sets TK-1000 1459
Screw Pitch Gauges 52-472-800 1460
Screw Pitch Gauges 5617 1461
Feeler Gauges 5026 1463
LED Bench Magnifier 59-875-800 1465
Magnetic Base with Snake Arm MB-SX 1467
IP67 Water Proof Electronic Digital Caliper 150mm/6” 49-170-155 1497
Electronic Reversible Caliper 150mm/6” 49-205-150 1498
4 Piece Lens Eye Loupe Set 2.5x, 3.5x, 4.5x, 5.5x Magnification 59-605-040 1499
2-IN-1 UV/LED Multipower (2.5x, 9x, 16x) Handheld Glass Lens Magnifier 59-620-016 1500
Illuminated Dome Magnifier 3x 3-1/2” Diameter Lens LED 59-625-003 1501
10x Illuminated Desk Magnifier 59-625-008 1502
8X Illuminated Adjustable Stand Magnifier with LED 59-625-020 1503
Bifocal Magnification Illuminated Pull-Out Magnifier 59-680-030 1504
Plastic Hinged Folding Rule, Metric 2 Metre 59-250-200 1505
Mini Digital Protractor 59-018-050 1506
Digital Spirit Level 59-019-200 1507
File Set 1 File Set 1 1508
File Set 2 File Set 2 1509
Saradrill Full Range 1510
The Quick Guide to Shim Stock Full Range 1511
The Quick Guide to Plastic Color Coded Shim Stock Full Range 1512
A76 Alkaline Cell Battery 1.5v BATTERY 1514
Retractable Tungsten Carbide Tipped Scriber SC-7 1515
50kg Pull 45 & 90 Degree Magnetic Welders Clamp MAG-4 1516
360-degree Portable Swivel Vacuum Base Vice 52-210-070 1517
Stainless Steel Taper Gauge 53-888-006 1520
Thread Measuring Wires 52-485-SET 1521
Telescopic Mirror 32mm diameter 59-685-010 1530
Telescopic Mirror 50mm diameter 59-685-030 1531
Contour Gauge 52-470-260 1532
Propelling Pencil With 4mm Diameter Fibreglass Tip 54-987-654 1533
Magnetic Pick-Up & Inspection Mirror Set PM-1 1534
Standard Needle File Set 160mm Length FILESET 1 1535
Standard Needle File Set 140mm Length FILESET 2 1536
3 In 1 Magnifier 2X, 4.5X, 9X 59-620-004 1537
150mm Metric Vernier Caliper 51-102-206 1538
Master Vernier Caliper 600mm/24” 51-115-024 1539
Noga Articulated Arm With Magnetic Base DG 1030 1540
Noga DG Arm With Vacuum Base DG 1040 1541
10 Pairs Matched Parallel Set 52-437-010U 1542
Hastings Triplet Magnifier x10 Mag 59-600-111 1543
Hastings Triplet Magnifier x10, x15 & x20 Mag 59-600-333 1544
Aspheric Lens Magnifier 59-620-005 1545
Precision Squeeze Bottle 60ml PB-4 1546
Translucent Squeeze Bottle 110mL PB-1 1547
Translucent Squeeze Bottle 225mL PB-2 1548
Magnetic Base with Snake Arm MB-SX 1549
Medium Duty Magnetic Switch Base MB-4 1550
Medium Duty Magnetic Base with Fine Adjustment MB-5 1551
BS Style Centre Drill Set 22-100-SET 1552
Lin-Loc 1/4” Modular Hose System CS-100-147 1553
Lin-Loc 1/2” Modular Hose System CS-100-255 1554
Thumb Lock Vernier Calliper 51-120-006 1555
PH Holder FAB PH-3100 1556
Steel Feeler Gauge 78-100-013 1557
Brass Feeler Gauge 78-222-013 1558
Magnetic Mitre Clamp 52-585-10 1559
Vernier Circumference & Diameter Tape 59-100-0xx 1560
Metric & Imperial 2 Sided Steel Rule 266-0xx 1561
Metric & Imperial Two Sided Black Chrome Finish Steel Rule 850-0xx 1562
Metric & Imperial Depth Gauge 7005-150 1563
Metric Only Depth Gauge 7005-M15 1564
Metric Only Double Square 7205-756 1565
Metric & Imperial Double Square 7205-266 1566
Square End Protractor 5177 1567
Round End Protractor 5188 1568
Angle Finder Protractor 51-555-180 1569
4 Piece Combination Set 7227- 012H 1570
4 Piece Combination Set Metric Only 7227-300H 1571
Metric & Imperial Carpenters Square 7222-012 1572
8pc Brass Drive Pin Punch Set 6322-888B 1573
Metric Only Stainless Steel Taper Gauge 53-888-012 1574
Steel 1500mm Straight Edge 59-010-150 1575
Steel 2000mm Straight Edge 59-010-200 1576
Metric & Imperial Two Sided D-end Steel Rule EEC-Class 1 676-024 1577